With the Z-Cron commands MAIL, MAIL-ATTACH and SCREENMAIL you can automatically send E-Mails.


This command sends an e-mail to one or more recipients, time-controlled and automatic. The contents of the e-mail are taken from a specified TXT file.

The e-mail body can incorporate several macros which are replaced by actual values when the e-mail is sent. There are macros for data, computer run time, computer name, IP address and log file.

In the Professional and Server versions, you can optionally specify an attachment. It is also possible to send several files at the same time. For this purpose, wildcard characters can be listed in the file name: The * stands for any further characters in the file name? stands for any character in the file name FILE? so coincides z. With FILE1, FILE2, FILE3 - but not with FILE12. DAT * coincides with all names starting with FILE. Eg with FILE, FILE1, DATA, DATA, etc. *. * Matches all filenames.

The attachment can automatically zipped by Z-Cron and attached to the e-mail.

Automated E-Mails


The SCREENMAIL command automatically sends screen shots of the local desktop via e-mail.

For example, this might be used to send regular screenshots of the currently recorded video from a computer that is used as a video server.

In combination with the STARTREMOTE command, these commands can also be executed on a remote computer in the local network. Z-Cron must be installed on both the target computer and the computer which issues the command.

Automated E-Mails

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