With the Z-Cron commands MAIL and SCREENMAIL you can automatically send E-Mails.


This command sends an e-mail to one or more recipients, time-controlled and automatic. The contents of the e-mail are taken from a specified TXT file.

The e-mail body can incorporate several macros which are replaced by actual values when the e-mail is sent. There are macros for data, computer run time, computer name, IP address and log file.

In the Professional and Server versions, you can optionally specify an attachment: The attachment is automatically zipped by Z-Cron and attached to the e-mail.

Automated E-Mails


The SCREENMAIL command automatically sends screen shots of the local desktop via e-mail.

For example, this might be used to send regular screenshots of the currently recorded video from a computer that is used as a video server.

In combination with the STARTREMOTE command, these commands can also be executed on a remote computer in the local network. Z-Cron must be installed on both the target computer and the computer which issues the command.

Automated E-Mails

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