The Z-Cron commands CLEANFILE, CLEANUPDIR, DELETE, RMDIR and EMPTY-TRASH remove local or remote files or directories.


This command deletes the oldest files (but no subdirectories) in the specified directory. You can specify the maximum age in days: if this option is used, all files that are older than xx days are deleted. If the field is left blank, all files are deleted.


With the CLEANUPDIR command, all files and subdirectories that are older than the specified number of days are deleted from the specified directory.


The DELETE command automatically deletes a single specified file.


The RMDIR command automatically deletes a specified directory, including all contained files and subdirectories.

Delete files and directories


The Z-Cron command EMPTY-TRASH deletes the contents of the Windows Recycle Bin of all drives and all users.

In combination with the STARTREMOTE command, these commands can also be executed on a remote computer in the local network. Z-Cron must be installed on both the target computer and the computer which issues the command.

Delete files and directories

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