Standby Mode

Standby = Sleep = Suspend to RAM

The Standby Mode (Power Saving Mode) reduces the power consumption of the computer by halting it and only keeping the currently used data in working memory.

The computer can the wake up from standby mode almost instantly and continue to run where it left off, because all data is still in RAM.

Before a computer is put to standby mode, you should always save all open files, because all unsaved data is lost in case of power shortage. Also, in case of notebooks, standby mode can completely empty the battery if it is left in this mode for some time.

Standby Mode


The STANDBY command puts the computer into standby mode on schedule.

Hibernate Mode

Hibernation = Suspend to Disk

When the computer is put into hibernate mode, Windows saves the complete memory contents into the file hyberfil.sys on the hard disk and then shuts down the computer. When the computer is reactivated, generally by pressing the power button, the memory image is read from the disk, which is much faster than a complete reboot. All open applications are loaded and continue exactly where they left off.

During hibernate mode, power consumption is reduced to zero. The computer does not need any power while in hibernation.

The operating system needs a little more time when waking up from hibernate compared to waking up from standby mode, because the hibernate file (hiberfil.sys) must be read to memory when waking up.

Hibernate Mode


The HIBERNATE command puts the computer to hibernate mode on schedule.

If you want your computer to restart automatically from hibernation at a specified time and day of the week (and then execute another Z-Cron job), please use the command PC-TIMER

Activate Hibernate Mode

 Configuration for Windows XP

  • Click on the Windows Taskbar on the Start button and select "Control Panel".

  • Click on the icon "Performance and maintenance" (XP view) and then click "Power options", or directly on "Power options" (classical view).

  • Once the dialog box appears, go to the tab "Sleep".

  • Here, turn on the check box "Activate hibernation mode".

Configuration for Windows Vista/7

  • Enter "Energy options" in the search field of the start menu and press enter.

  • In the window which appears, click "Change energy saving plan settings" and then click "Change extended energy settings".

  • Select "off" for "Allow hybrid standby mode" (under "Save energy").

Note: If there is no such option in Windows Vista, the file hiberfil.sys might be deleted! There is a Microsoft support page on how to fix this.


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