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Z-Cron :: Task and backup scheduler

Z-Journal is a program for viewing the journal files/log files created by any of my other programs. This provides an easy, yet very efficient way to monitor your daily backups, even from any other computer in your local network.



Z-Journal can be loaded at Windows start-up and immediately shows the status of the last backup in the Windows system tray next to the clock in the task bar with an icon (green, yellow or red).

Once started, Z-Journal continually monitors all actions of Z-DATdump. For use in a network environment, it only needs access to the log file directory of Z-DATdump, which poses no security risk even when used on a server. Z-Journal can also be used with the backup light.

Download Download the freeware version of Z-Journal

Backup Light

backup lightFor daily backup with Z-DATdump there is an easy way to display the success of the backup.

The backup light is a simple yet very effective signalling device that is controlled by Z-Cron or Z-DATdump and even works over a local network. It looks like a traffic light with three light areas in red, yellow and green. The light areas consist of seven superbright LEDs with about 200 mcd each and a viewing angle of 30°.

Short description of the backup light

  • Superbright LED signal lights with 3 illuminated areas in red, yellow and green.
  • USB plug with a ca. 1.8 m long cable.
  • Black plastic case size ca. 40 x 90 x 23 mm
  • Working temperature -20° to +80° Celsius
  • Works without special driver software on Windows operating systems with USB support
  • Use only indoors.
  • Energy consumption max. 440 mA
  • 2 years warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • We can currently only offer the USB backup light in Germany!

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