The Z-Cron commands SENDLOGFILE and LOGFILECLEAR can be used to send the log file via e-mail and to delete the current log file. The commands TIMESTAMP and SELFTEST are useful to test the functionality and integrity of the Z-Cron software.



This command automatically sends the Z-Cron log file via e-mail. It also has the option to enclose other data with the e-mail as attachments. The log file contains all information we need to provide support for Z-Cron.


The LOGFILECLEAR command deletes the current Z-Cron log file. The Z-Cron log file might grow very large if Z-Cron is used for many repeated jobs. This command can be used to automatically tidy up in regular intervals.


The TIMESTAMP command simply writes a timestamp to the Z-Cron log file. This is useful to test if the software works as expected.


This command checks the Z-Cron installation for integrity. This is useful to detect virus infections in the Z-Cron executable or other unauthorized manipulations of the program.

Log file

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