Play back Multimedia

With the Z-Cron commands PLAY, WAVEPLAY, MP3-PLAY and VIDEO-PLAY, you can automatically play multimedia files such as WAV and MP3 files on schedule.


The PLAY command starts a time-controlled playback of a multimedia file. The file is opened with the default program for multimedia files.

For example, if VLC Player is installed and defined as the standard media player in Windows, this command can play all file types that are supported by VLC.

Play Multimedia File


This command plays a specified MP3 file automatically on schedule. The MP3 file is played by the operating system in the background.


This command starts playback of all MP3 files located in a specified folder.


The command WAVEPLAY works similarly to MP3-PLAY but can play back WAV files instead of MP3 files.

In combination with the STARTREMOTE command, these commands can also be executed on a remote computer in the local network. Z-Cron must be installed on both the target computer and the computer which issues the command.


This command starts playback of a video file with the Z-Cron Video Player.

The format WMV is supported by default. To playback other video formats (AVI, MPEG, DIVX, VOB, FLV, 3GP und MOV) the appropriate codecs have to be installed.


Stops the playback of a video played with the Z-Cron Video Player.

Play Multimedia File

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