Z-Cron demo videos

Here we offer you the possibility to watch online demos for some topics. With these Flash movies we want to demonstrate how easy it is to use Z-Cron.

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 Basic functions of Z-Cron

Topic Description Link
Basic functions This flash movie demonstrates the basic features in the main window of Z-Cron. Online help
Send a log file How to send a log file of a Z-Cron job to our support. Online help

 Z-Cron system configuration for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Topic Description Link
Set up Z-Cron NT service We show you how to set up and activate the Z-Cron NT service. Online help

 Different tasks with Z-Cron

Topic Description Link
The tool WAKEUPONSTANDBY Automatically put your PC to sleep mode and automatically wake it up later. Another Z-Cron job can be startet after wakeup if wanted. Online help

Note: This page is under construction – more demos will follow!

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