The Z-Cron commands GETCGI, CHECKHTML and CHECKURL can be used to check the internet connection or call a specified URL, HTML website or CGI script on a webserver.


CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a standard for data exchange between a web server and third party software. Server-side CGI scripts can be written in many languages and may be used to generate dynamic web content, call other programs, and other tasks.

The GETCGI command calls a server script and runs another job if the script cannot be started.

Call CGI


CHECKHTML checks if an HTML page exists on a server. If the call does not return with HTTP status "200 OK", another job is run.


The CHECKURL command checks if a domain is reachable, and otherwise calls another Z-Cron job. This command can be used to check if there is an internet connection, e.g. by testing if the Google homepage is reachable.

Check Internet Connection/Call CGI

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