Wake On LAN

With the Z-Cron command REMOTE-SHUTDOWN and the command WAKEONLAN, computers in a local network can be switched on and off on schedule.

WOL - WAKE ON LAN - Scheduled

System requirements

To use Wake on LAN both the motherboard and the network adapter have to support ACPI. While the computer is turned off, the NIC will continue to receive power from the standby branch of the power supply. It listens to the network traffic and as soon as it receives a special "magic packet" it sends a wakeup signal to the mainboard which then switches on the computer.

Windows configuration

On the computer you want to wake up, you have to go to the Windows device manager, open the info window for the network adapter, then "power management" and set the two check boxes "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby" and "Only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby".

Windows configuration network board

Hardware configuration

Energy On by ring or Wake on LAN must be activated in the BIOS. Sometimes a special WOL cable also must be put between network interface card and mainboard in some (older) network interface cards. Please consult the manuals of the network interface card and the mainboard for instructions on how to configure your hardware.

wol - wake on lan

Z-Cron command WAKEONLAN - WOL

WAKEONLAN makes it possible to switch on a computer in the local network with a network command. The MAC address has to be typed in without hyphens or colons.

Input mask WAKEONLAN - WOL

e.g. 00-14-85-B4 E3-D7 has to be typed in as 001485B4E3D7.

Default value of broadcast address ( won't work across subnets. The wakeup packets are not addressed to the client specific IP address is because most routers will drop the client from their tables if the machine has been off for a period of time. Once that happens, explicitly addressed packets would be dropped at the router, but broadcasts to a specific segment will always get there. If all machines on subnet is down router will drop all packets.

Scheduler Freeware

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